What It’s Like Dating Someone Who’s More Attractive Than You [Intimacy Issues]

somebody’s hungry me ooh you know what let’s try that new place on Marlo great they deliver right no I mean like actually go to the restaurant that’s crazy you don’t want to leave yeah what it’s beautiful out oh we can get our steps in I don’t know I’m comfy reason you don’t want to go out yes a very specific one so on the subway yesterday I read a GQ article over someone’s shoulder they were scroll a little quickly but I think I got the gist how is this important Hannah this concerns a fabric of our very lives the article states that most successful relationships happen between people of similar attractiveness oh so we are fundamentally at risk here what are you talking about Paul allow me to explain ah that’s not for yet okay go I took an average of our profile picture lights factored in comments love’s sad I was going on with dads that hurt but the results show that you are one point six two points hotter than me on the 10 scale a 12 years old none of this matters I think you’re a 10 then how do you explain this aah aah I didn’t even draw that one anywho you could see why it’s statistically dangerous for us to leave the apartment okay so what’s the plan are we just gonna never leave oh thank god hmm I’m so glad you said it Oh I was joking this is stupid what’s stupid about isolating ourselves I don’t anything we can get out there we can get in here okay so what if I want to go out and I want to go dancing easy Alexa play dance music playing Dan Musick who’s Dan alexis whose damn ian is my dad stop yelling at my stuff oh thank God I thought it was someone who was objectively more attractive than I am oh hey Danny thanks let me borrow this oh yeah yeah see ya Monday yeah later boys what a poignant example of exactly what I’m talking about what your math as I should be with Corey come on maybe but it’s not without Corey it’s about every Corey when I look at that piece of meat I just see a number and guess what it’s way higher than mine Paul this is ridiculous you think I’m just going out with you for your looks um I did but even if it’s not just about looks I mean I’m a good guy but I’m not great there are way better guys and some of those guys have abs fantastic abs oh my god Oh our relationship is so much more complex than that it’s not like I’m gonna go out and bump into some random Hawkeye and dump you look you make me grow in ways that I can’t explain I’m gonna get ready to go to the restaurant I hope that don’t come with me hey man it’s Cory hi Cory you know from earlier I know who you are Cory I couldn’t help overhear your conversation with Hanna okay look I just went through the same thing with the girl it was way more tied to that it was so don’t sell yourself short I mean what man she had a great set ABS I purchased these at a party City Oh dinner a man you rock hard that’s real [Music]