Symptoms of a Broken Heart – WARNING: Effects of a Broken Heart on your Body!

Symptoms of a Broken Heart…and the effects on your body

Before we tackle the symptoms of a broken heart, let’s just consider a typical scenario which may lead to a broken heart…

For a moment it feels like the ground opened up beneath your feet. You look at your partner completely bewildered. “W-what?” you ask softly, not sure if you have understood correctly. Your partner swallows hard, and hardly dare look into your eyes. You feel lightheaded, afraid to hear those words again. The words that will break your heart. “I want to split up”

Love is beautiful. But it also has a price tag. If you have loved, then at some point it may ask you to pay a price for it: your grief. Love can give you the feeling that you can handle everything, but heartbreak can bring about the opposite feeling. Fortunately, you are not alone in this feeling. In this article we look at some of the symptoms of a broken heart, which is brought about when we…

Symptoms of a Broken Heart


Some will probably downplay it before they give in, but secretly we all want it: love. Not surprising at all, it is one of the fundamental needs of mankind. Something we all want and need. The feeling that someone cares about you, and the knowledge that you have someone that would go through fire for you.

Why else would so many TV shows, films, books, songs, paintings, etc. all about love, be made? Why else would someone voluntarily subject himself completely, as long as he/she can only receive a pittance of love from the object of his/her affections?

Love is so much more powerful than you may realize.

Love can change the world. Unfortunately, love can also be evil. Take a look at the Investigation Discovery channel. Titles like Scorned: Love Kills and Wicked Attraction stand out. Love is so powerful that people sometimes cannot control themselves when they fall in love. And especially when something, or rather someone, stands in their way.

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A broken heart

If your heart is broken, it may cause you to lose your grip on reality. Heartbreak can make you believe things and see the world in a different light, which are many times more negative than you would normally consider them. All negative thoughts ”I will never be happy again”, ”The world perishes” come from the power that love has over you.

But before you become completely pessimistic; this does not mean that you can never overcome your heartbreak. If you do not do anything, your life indeed will spiral downwards…You need to fight back, so you can get stronger. You will then approach love in a different way, more thoughtfully and bravely – although that will take some time.

Symptoms of a Broken Heart

Symptoms of a broken heart

Until you get over your heartbreak, you will for sure still experience one or more of the following symptoms of a broken heart for a period of time:

Concern and restlessness

When you suffer from a broken heart, you can carry a lot of worries with you, and become very restless and desperate. You constantly fight with yourself, causing your heartbeat to rise, which can lead to trembling, shortness of breath and anxiety. You can also more often experience tense muscles, headaches, sweating and nausea. All of these aforementioned are symptoms of a broken heart, but symptoms are not limited to these.


Insomnia is also one of the most tell-tale symptoms of a broken heart. The insomnia that you experience as a result of a broken heart is connected to your restlessness. You struggle to find peace because of fear that rakes through your body, the physical symptoms of a broken heart you experience and a change in your sleeping environment (no partner, possibly another bed, etc.)

Illness and a suppressed immune system

When you have a broken heart, it could lead to fever, problems with your gastrointestinal tract and a general feeling of sickness. This sounds far-fetched, but is actually quite logical.

When you experience broken heart anxiety, you expose your body to high levels of stress. You produce extra cortisol, the anti-stress hormone. If this stays in your bloodstream for a long time, it will cause your immune system to deteriorate. This is often accompanied by a decreased appetite, so that your body attracts viruses much more easily.

Actual physical pain

Many people experience real physical symptoms of a broken heart. Think of chest pain, abdominal pain or feeling as if your heart is really hurting. Research has shown that this pain really exists, and is one of the signs of a broken heart.

Romantic rejection activates the same areas in your brain that respond to physical pain.

Interesting fact: did you know that there is even a syndrome in which people experience chest and heart pain and failure as a result of a broken heart? This is known as the broken heart syndrome (defined by the dictionary as a condition characterized by sudden dysfunction of the left ventricle of the heart, accompanied by symptoms resembling those of a heart attack but occurring in the absence of significant coronary artery disease. Typically attributed to stressful events, the condition is usually transient). It therefore imitates symptoms of a heart attack, including shortness of breath, chest pain and heart failure.

Weight gain or loss

Another of the symptoms of a broken heart is that you either gain or lose a lot of weight. Being one of the effects of a broken heart, there is no real standard of weight change due to a broken heart. It depends on how you deal with (sad) life challenges. Some find comfort and distraction in food, while others cannot even think of eating because of the stress that rages through their bodies.


That almost every person with a broken heart sometimes feel down, will not come as a surprise. But did you know that heartbreak can actually lead to depression?

This is mainly due to your self-confidence. Being rejected by your partner can greatly undermine your self-confidence. When you have low self-esteem, you are twice as likely to suffer from depression which is one of the most common symptoms of a broken heart

Withdrawal symptoms

Love is very powerful. Did you know that it is so powerful that it can be considered an addiction? That means you can experience withdrawal symptoms after a relationship break-up. If your body is used to love, it will show symptoms of withdrawal – just like when someone suddenly stops taking drugs.

Not to worry though, just as drug addicts get rid of their drug addiction, you too will overcome your addiction to love (and to your ex).

Questions about your own identity

When you experience a downright horrendous break-up, you may find yourself in a position where you are starting to wonder who you really are. A relationship can make you think differently about yourself. When that relationship no longer exists, you just do not know who you really are any more.

Relationship break-ups can therefore provoke an existential crises, especially when you have been pushed aside by your ex. You stay behind with a lot of questions, because you cannot understand how it all so suddenly came to an end. Were you perhaps not loving enough? Was that person just not the true one? So you have to rediscover yourself, as it were.


The duration of heartbreak

But how long does heartbreak last? While this is not one of the symptoms of a broken heart, it is a question almost all who suffer from a broken heart asks. You are cringing about the fact that your relationship is over, yet still this question keep mauling in your head: “When will this miserable pain finally be over?”

Some people says the recovery time from a break-up is about half the time your relationship lasted, another person thinks it should last a month. But can you really set a time for the duration of heartbreak? Especially when you consider that every situation is different, and that there may be other circumstances that can lead to an extension of the pain.

A survey conducted on 155 young adults resulted in the following: for 71% of the group it took about 3 months (11 weeks) before they could focus on the positive aspects of the break-up. At this point the participants felt they had grown as a person and in a place where they could set goals again.

But pay attention: this remains an average. Everyone heals at his/her own pace!

The difference between dumping someone and being dumped by another person

Do not for one minuet think the ‘dumper’ has it much easier than the dumped one. He/she may also need 11 weeks before they recover from the break-up. Of course there is a difference. For the one being dumped, the break-up is much more like a blow. The dumper has had more preparation time.

If you yourself are the one who has put an end to your relationship, this will not come as a surprise. It is precisely the person who cuts the ties, who carries an extra load of pain in the form of guilty feelings.

You feel guilty about hurting your (ex-) partner so much. You are essentially the one who gave up; the one who determined that your relationship was not worth fighting for. You fought so hard to get more out of it, but you still had to make this decision.

Symptoms of a Broken Heart: How men and women respond

In addition to differences between the dumped and the dumper, there are also differences between men and women where the experience of heartbreak is concerned. Researchers have asked 6,000 people from all over the world about the intensity of their heartbreak. The main findings of their research are as follows:

Women experience higher levels of emotional and physical pain because they are much more (biologically) invested in their relationship than men.

Men find it much more difficult to recover from a break-up, and largely never even completely recover. Men feel the loss of their partner on a deep level and for a very long period of time. At this time he only begins to realize that he has to start all over again to get back what he lost, or that the loss is irreplaceable.

The last finding, however, is something that actually applies to both men and women: we are inclined to think that the person we ‘lost’ cannot be replaced. But perhaps the fact that this penetrates relatively later in men makes women recover more quickly from a break-up. Women immediately feel the pain, but they also immediately start to work hard on their recovery from a break-up by addressing the symptoms of a broken heart one by one.

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