good morning everybody how are you guys doing um today we have some really fun things to do I’m filming something really cool that you guys will see on my main youtube channel and probably like probably like a few weeks anyways it’s gonna be really fun today and yeah I think tomorrow we’re gonna go home so today’s our last day so we are at the place where we’re gonna be filming the video right now but I think even the lobby we’re locked up okay like a lobby stone okay I think somebody was here yo Kanye West lives here hey no we’re chillin Tiago and down creepy perfect oh boy how you doing so we’ve just been like hanging out for the past a little bit but they have like this like stabilized and thing for the GoPro so I’m gonna show you guys it’s actually pretty cool yeah oh yeah Noel Noel [Music] [Music] actually does look lamb chops Oakside again one more right well okay okay hi you were so cute [Applause] [Music] can’t read the future on Ava oh I’m very determined pink I don’t know Ava wasn’t oh nothing Thank You Ava you’re no fun if every I bet this air conditioner it’s like super fired and like I bet I bet like you I should all go download from the iTunes store – yeah that is the end of the shoot um and yeah it’s there’s a fun day we’re just showing out would that lady okay come on let’s go to the elevator come on come on Eva good job a bad job Ava take it okay oh she’s she’s escaped oh no why she’s coming back good run run I think her hands are almost as big as mine Oh socialization wait what are those diapers for Eva for badly okay I will be a bless me with my baby and I’ll walk it we’re gonna go together than 500 now yeah yeah that’s fine he’s gonna walk you to the car be okay I won’t tie and then holding your hand cuz we’re gonna cross the street Eva asked us well won’t you get up 3525 invited I hope I see you soon Oh Avis she’s like literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen um but we finally finished the shoot and we’re going back home and then tomorrow we have to wake up early and pack to go back to Canada and go back to school and I’m so excited I’m so dumb I literally I just dropped my like glass lemonade bottle and it spilled everywhere in the glass broke I was really looking forward to drinking it sooo so this is how you make cookies alright yeah okay just space them nice and evenly oh now this took me literally like 25 minutes but I finally got the first row so um our cooks are a little bit bird uh I don’t know how edible they’re going to be but you know we’ll try be very crunchy you guys should break now we’re going to go swimming so I’m not going to switch over to my GoPro so I can take it in the pool three two one bang what’s up GoPro people we’re gonna go swimming now and I haven’t used this camera in a while oh it pools are ready to go and I’m all ready to go as well so let’s let’s go who won [Music] so everybody that is the end of like the little pool segment and probably the end of the vlog in a little bit too so three two one switch back to my main camera okay guys good night um it’s very late so I’m gonna whisper goodnight guys um I’ll see you in the morning we are gonna go to the airport in the morning which will be interesting because late and I’m probably going to be dead anyways what’s up guys welcome to today’s on right now we are on the way to the airport to go back home to Canada and yeah it’s apparently really really cold in Canada so you know I wore my cozy clothing got the sweater on answer subtract pass [Music] Lauren we need a barrier I sound like a horse and you look like a horse Oh go you can’t do them they can’t see you [Music] [Music] a lot of [Music] all three be free suitcase Oh suitcase down just got in the car we arrived in Toronto and it’s snowing and stuff there’s snow everywhere and I really like snow so I’m actually pretty happy [Music] wait we’ll be back issues I need to be rude oh man oh man oh it’s so cool it’s so it’s snowing okay I’m going behind the car he’s already snow everywhere like it my hair is about to split the Red Sea I’d rather [Music] my own bed I think that’s where I’m going to end the vlog today it’s been fun make sure you like and subscribe alright good stuff leave a positive comment yeah hashtag team after the outro in the comments if you see this yeah