under staying in New York I’m in an almost deserted [Music] [Music] [Music] no no no no no people with my cabinet industry by working there you go guys all right now I can talk to you guys so as you see I just got a new blog it set up I went with the gh gh 5 I used to rock are the gh4 and I usually use the sony a7s mark – there’s no monitor so now I can kind of see where I’m at I’m in New York City and I’m working on getting you all so like I can’t show it to y’all yet so let’s get some food [Music] well we have one light I’m going to go 30 blocks probably not been amazing [Applause] rental budget into the street battery died and stranded stranded the battery’s dead as a matter of fact I got this skateboard from this hotel 11 hours I was on standing they got booster boards on deck so I’ll have to bring it out and I got to get into attack to get the hell out of here I’m in tourist City right now poke them down [Music] what we’re going is to check out the bike that I built with lithium cycles on top of the camera so what’s going on so I built this bike with lithium cycles the video should come out maybe a couple days after this one of the build in a detail on the bike on how to preorder but I’m going to get the bike right now to make the video but here in New York got a shift here you’re only able to get one made so far this welcome though what the fuck that shit fire and should have done and then no no we are all or y’all here see that okay I see that yeah not gonna sleep at the bike shop what’s in front of me is the Rose Ave Edition super 73 it’s called the scallops ones more affordable I’m not going to spoil it yet you guys will see the video in a couple days when we release the pre-orders but its glorious and if you don’t know what I’m talking about now bikes you guys always see me riding in Venice this one and I teamed up with dealers guys and we made a rose AB Edition which is half the price of that right that’s like 3k yeah so we’re going to grata someone would I go if your case to get back because I think we’re enough case you sit on the back flyer on a drive or vice versa don’t keep just look at this thing you see this thing’s called the shredder I need this we need to ride this thing’s like a skateboard tank flash epicness of kind of cut right I don’t know I being that I’m not going to show you guys the new Rose Ave edition bike we do have an all copper one and I want to show you guys how easy is to take off checks on a super 73 but people love this bike look at this well y’all think you like it or not okay whatever here we go we’re gonna see how hard it’s filled with high where you going today your boyfriend hi I’m Jessie like you will go for adventure for like two minutes do I want to collect on an adventure for two minutes okay dude oh you trust me you’ll ride on that with me see how easy that is all you need is a buck bike all there you go better yeah we’re going to get big trouble nope nope nope nope nope [Music] nope it’s the Rose advert in the shop oh yes Cavalli everybody that’s almost scary on how easy it is to kind of pick up girls only Jesus every third I did that’s it for today I think I’m done trying to pick up girls I mean I didn’t want to do it he wanted me to do it maybe you should pick up some girls you hear it I’m not Mary okay give me one quick one it cleanses there it is stuck there it is that’s all you got it’s all you got I wrote out the booster board is dead so Aaron’s gonna tug me on the super 73 so that hotels know oh this is how we’re going to go to hold on come on left here oh you poor guys you see the budget with it I like what a super 73 I’m the brakes though here right now huh I really the option to me hold on to you hey ha ha you’re gonna close right now you’re probably wondering like Jessie how the hell are you staying in this ridiculous suite this hotel it’s called 11 Howard right here and Soho it’s my favorite place to stay at when I come to New York City but they give you boosted boards or you could get boosted boards when you stay here you just ask for them and they knew I was allowed and silver surfer like gels listen you tell everybody we got boosted boards you could stay in the most ridiculous room here and I said deal so here I am look at this view doh the balcony to this room could fit like 500 people I need to have a party I just don’t have any friends in New York City I’m going to be yes they got them okay Aaron and I want to go grab a bite so we Oh silver decides that the whole the crater so we’re going to go we’re hit when these restaurant I almost died did you do that you stopped sketchy that was full and happy I’m trying this camera out the low-light I wanted to see how it loves so you guys tell me in the comments how’s low-light look I got to head back to hotel good to boost the board back hands let me borrow into 73m I edit this video a little bit back I’m really curious to see how this footage looks on this camera because I like I said I always use the a7 s mark ii can never see myself but now i cancel every shot should be perfectly brained unlike the last times it feels really different to the blog into a camera where you can see yourself i don’t know there’s a big difference it makes you want to get out vlog more so if you want me to try and push out just regular vlogs as frequently as possible smash the thumbs up button then i know that you guys like okay just get your ass to work so like i said i’ll wait a second hit the thumbs up button and yes so thank you guys if you haven’t subscribed subscribe to the post notification and I’ll see y’all [Music] [Music]