How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

how to tell if a girl likes you

How to tell if a girl likes you? Here are 13 signs to tell if a girl likes you, signs you cannot miss anymore…

  • Is she playing with her hair?
  • Investing in the conversation
  • Understand her touching you
  • How close does she get to you
  • Does she make eye contact?
  • Where does her feet point?
  • Wrist and neck exposures
  • Seeking confirmation
  • Legs: what they tell you
  • What is she looking at
  • Does she make herself accessible?
  • Watch her smile
  • What her pupils tell you

Read on and discover what the top 13 key signals are that a woman both deliberately and unconsciously delivers when she sees you. The better you can answer the question, “does she like me?” the easier it will be for you to take the right steps.

How to tell if a girl likes you?

Communication is always a two-way street. You send and you receive signals. If you fail in one of these two directions, the communication suffers. More important than communication is sub-communication. Sub-communication is what is under the surface. Beyond the conscious considerations and choices of people, sub-communication shows what the parties involved really think.

Signs a girl likes you

This article first and foremost is about you getting out of the friend zone. You’re looking for unconscious and therefore not manipulated signals of interest in you. Signals you need to catch on to in order for you to get a better understanding of how she looks at you right now and at the same time learn how to tell if a girl likes you. The better you grasp this, the easier it will be to match her expectations and the smoother the interaction between the two of you will be.

Whatever your “goal” everything will be more fun between you. Even better than recognizing certain signals, is to answer the question “What do women fall for?” and then consciously and actively work at that which will attract her to you.


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13 Tell-tale signs so you can  know how to tell if a girl likes you:

  1. Is she playing with her hair?

When in conversation with a woman, her body language is one of the first signals you want to take note of, and notably one of the easier ways to learn how to tell if a girl likes you. Body language plays out in many different ways. It may be that she plays with her hair or strokes her clothes to make sure all fits well. It’s subtle. She may lean over when she talks to you or touch your hand. A way to learn to recognize these subtleties is to watch other couples. Train yourself by observing these actions in others and you will recognize it quicker when you are with a nice girl. I cannot emphasize enough that although it is subtle, it definitely is noticeable! You will never again have to worry about what to say once you catch on to her body language.

  1. Invest in the conversation

You just met a nice girl and want to ask her some questions. After all, you’re curious to find out if she’s as nice as she looks. The second signal that you have to watch out for is whether you peaked her interest or not. How can you know? Simple, she also asks you something. The investment in the conversation is no longer only from your side. She also brings her side.

She wants to know who you are.

What your name is

Where you come from.

What you do for a living

Who the friends are you’re with

She asks about the things you say.

Also, she may buy you a drink

The more equal the interaction between the two of you, the less you have to “carry” the conversation. A good sign to tell if a girl likes you


  1. Understand her touching you

If a woman touches you willingly, you are okay in their eyes. I’m not talking about the ‘bitch slaps you across the face’, I’m talking about subtle positive touches.

She comes close to you

Hangs on your shoulder

She may hit you, but in a playful manner

Tighten her grip on your forearm to make a point

Touching each other is an expression of intimacy, meaning that she likes you (a bit). All these signs most probably make you wonder: “Does she like me or not?” and rightfully so.


  1. How close does she get to you

At the start of any conversation, people keep their distance by sitting from another at a 90 degree angle. This is safer. So, how to tell if a girl likes you when she keeps her distance? If she reduces the angle, she trusts you and generally one of the signals a woman likes you. It brings more intimacy to the interaction between you, consciously or unconsciously.


  1. Does she make eye contact?

She holds eye contact for longer during the conversation, or when your eyes meet by chance. Eye contact is an intimate and intense thing. This is where many men are having trouble. It’s up to you. Tension is building up. If you find that the woman consciously seek that excitement and actively helps in building the tension, then that’s one of the signals a girl likes you. Train yourself to keep eye contact in a relaxed and positive way.


  1. Where does her feet point?

The further a body part is removed from the eyes, the more authentic the message it conveys. When somebody wants to get away but is forced to stay for a while, you will notice that their feet point to the exit. Conversely, this also applies. If a woman sits with her feet directed towards you, whether seated at a table or at the bar counter, that’s a clear signal a girl likes you. Or at least you know she likes to be with you. Her feet tell you she still does not want to leave.


  1. Wrist and neck exposures

What does a dog do when he subjects himself to a leash? He lies on his back and shows his neck. His most vulnerable part. People unconsciously do the same thing. The more vulnerable someone comes across, the more they trust you. We addressed this in “Distance” above where we show the side is less vulnerable than the front. Hence, the smaller the angle, the more vulnerable the situation. Wrists are also vulnerable and sensitive body areas. Wrists will not show until a person’s completely relaxed. This is completely unconscious non-verbal communication, but oh, it says so very much. Nobody will argue if you now quietly says to yourself this must be one of the signs she likes me

  1. Seeking Confirmation

Regardless of the situation, when you meet someone you think his or her opinion is important. Anyway, more important than that of a random person off the street. This is also reflected in the behavior of the woman in question who does (hopefully) like you or does not even really notice you until you do/say something to make her aware of you. In order to tell if a girl likes you, be alert to her responses.

When telling a joke, before laughing yourself, check to see if her first response is to laugh also

Adapts her opinion subtly to your own.

Your response to any statements she makes may cause “de-activation” of her statement


  1. Legs: what they tell you

The less a person wants to get away quickly, the more relaxed they are. Compare it to someone watching an exciting movie and sitting on the edge of his seat versus a person who is relaxed and reading a good book. In the first instance you can jump and run away, attack, at least do something. In the second scenario, there is no danger. So a woman’s hips can also convey a signal in the way she sits or stands. When her weight leans more on one leg or when combined with the crossing of her legs, it is an expression of relaxation and that she feels good being with you and an easy way to tell a woman likes you.


  1. What she looks at

If you catch the woman you are having a conversation with looking at your lips, you know something beautiful is busy developing between you. In the context of unconscious signals, we often look at what we are doing in our minds. When she looks at your lips, she is busy with kisses and intimacy in her head. Those are thoughts you can only have towards people to whom you feel attracted to and a good sign she likes you back.


  1. Does she make herself accessible?

What women are very good at is making themselves accessible in the hope that this attractive man (you) makes his moves. An excellent “does she like me” test as the signals such a woman makes available to you are:

She separates from her group, to give you the opportunity to speak to her.

She will always be in close proximity to you.

When you go to the bathroom, you accidentally meet on the stairs.

She stands next to the men’s bathroom.

Still think you do not know how to tell if a girl likes you?

  1. Watch her smile

Not every smile is the same. You have nervous variants, submissive, happy, and condescending. Smiles come in many shapes and sizes. If she reveals her teeth and show a relaxed, wide smile it is again an expression of relaxation and attraction to you and you need not wonder “Does she like me or is she just being nice?”


  1. What her pupils tell you

Pupils can vary in diameter. Everything between 2 and 9 millimetres are normal and all kinds of factors affect the diameter. An important factor is the object being looked at. When people look at something beautiful, nice and attractive, you’ll see their pupils relax and widen. While looking at something scary, the pupils are narrowing. If a woman looks at you with big pupils, also called puppy eyes, you are doing well and she most certainly is signaling that she wants to date you.

How to tell if a girl likes you for sure?

Does the fact that you pick up one of the above signals mean that she wants to be the mother of your offspring? How do you interpret the above signals? Very simple. You need to look at a “chunk” of signs all signaling the same message.

A signal does not say anything yet. However, as soon as you receive three or four signals, you know you are doing well. The better you get at “reading” the signals, the faster you’ll recognize the signs and the more insight you will get into the interaction going on between you and the woman you’re in conversation with.


The danger of waiting

Recognizing the “finds me nice signals” is of course fun and convenient. However, danger also lurks. Too much looking for the right signals can make you going into “waiting” mode, making you become reactive and almost wait for “permission” in the form of positive signals before you step out and act. Do not wait forever!

The focus should not really be on the signals. They can help you to know what you’re up to. BUT, the question is how do you tell if a girl likes you for REAL? You must take steps to hit on the women .You are in control of your life. If you wait for women to give flirting signals, you make yourself dependent on them. This is the term alpha man (a man tending to assume a dominant or domineering role in social or professional situations) unworthy.

However, it’s useful to know what the flirting signals are that women send when you’re in conversation with them. You can then measure the “temperature” of the conversation and know when to take the next step.

Start to consciously look out for the signals described in this article and with practice you will soon know how to tell if a girl likes you…


How to tell if a girl likes you over text

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