Dating Techniques – Science of Attraction

we’re all attracted to people all the time what is it that attracts us to others and what to others find attractive about youth these are some of the questions our team is going to try and answer in this series of videos with millions of people to choose from finding that perfect someone shouldn’t be that difficult but the media social pressures and human nature itself have turned it into a mystery we’re surrounded by manipulated images celebrity and glossy perfection we’re given rules about dating through books websites and the press they all pressure us to conform to an ideal of what is attractive but what’s the truth it’s time for science to tackle the subject through a series of experiments our team are going to piece together some of the clues to this enormously complex phenomenon and in these videos they will explore the science of attraction the person we fall in love with or form a relationship with or even just spend time with is an important choice and some people find the process of developing those relationships easier than others a whole industry of self-help books websites even courses has developed claiming that there are methods to attracting a partner and being the perfect date do the techniques work and by using them are you just manipulating other people in this video three guys and three girls will be taking part in some speed-dating to help us find out if our sense of attraction can be tricked and what do people really find attractive beyond looks but first his cat a quick search of online bookstores for self-help books reveals 19 thousand two hundred and fifty different titles people are very keen to make themselves thinner happier more appealing and better at meeting people so what is the truth about communication and dating some people seem to be able to talk to anyone and build their connection easily while others panic at the thought so here’s an experiment to test some dating techniques and find out what really works when it comes to dating and communication to do this experiment we’ve invited three girls and three guys to partake in some speed-dating signs of Attraction stone our Singleton’s will be meeting at this lovely manor house with its beautiful gardens it makes the perfect romantic location so without further ado let’s meet our lovely ladies hi I’m Catherine Ashford hi I’m a rule from Manor Park hi I’m Sarah from Watford we’ve set up the perfect location for our speed-dating the couples will be having a romantic picnic in the grounds of the manor house complete with strawberries bubbly and chocolates we’ve got our ladies and our romantic location so it’s time to meet the boys who come with a catch what the girls don’t know is that our boys are actors and that they’ve been given specific character traits to incorporate into their rapport during the dates hi I’m Jonny I’m DJ and I’m gonna be using dating techniques hi I’m Alex I’m date B and I’m going to mister average normal nice guy I’m Oliver I’m going to be day to C and I’m going to be as sleazy as I can as the boys take their places remember they are each playing a specific role so that we can find out what kind of behavior conversation and social attributes are most attractive to a potential date date a will be using dating techniques to try and get the best of himself across to the girls look out for his use of open body language and leaning back to show confidence and control it also teases dates to show a playful flirty attitude so you look was sweet and everything on top the C for a bit of a bagger day B will be playing the neutral role neither flirting nor acting disinterested and date C is our bad boy of dating you like overconfident got a nice burger by the way he’ll be happy to lie in an attempt to show high social value as like I said I write MapReduce okay that you know TV shows and films as well so I’m an American quite a bit and he’ll treat his dates mean that will it keep them keen I’d like to ideally fit up there in first company okay yeah something original I did now we’ve met the girls and our role-playing guys it’s time to get them dating to keep things simple we’re going to focus on one of our guys at a time and see how they get on with the three girls let’s start with date eight so would you different enter I’m just about going to start studying directing directing oh cool yeah so where do you like bossing people around it was sort of a music and stuff do that are you into like dancing stuff whatever oh yeah like shake your booty okay so tell me what are the top three things you look for in there by top three things I look for in a guy and how to have a good sense of humor that’s a given intelligence check I’m going to take a year out do be traveling or sigh yeah I want to go to Australia and same in everything is a wicked place to go yeah I don’t adventure yeah definitely yeah wicked uh think at times when I start yeah yeah so that was mr. a was his open body language innuendo and confidence enough for him to win a date well we’ll find out later but now for date B hi hello hi I’m Alex Alex nice to eat and Katherine hi Katherine nice meeting you ladies out there until it snaps in a sentence um fun-loving easygoing guy I would say help yourself but like they’ve had their way with them well you know apparently like flies and wasps they like syrup on their food for the eater it’s horrible yeah so what sort of direction jaunty like stage stage allocator how about you what do you think uh I’m kind of work in a theater oh really yeah Wow okay yeah would you like commenting your drama um musicals a musical I like anything mill Brooks IV I’ve had a Young Frankenstein yeah yeah sensing the producers yeah that’s it turns out was mr. B’s take me as I am relaxed attitude a winner with the girls we’ll find out soon but now it’s time for our no-holds-barred bad boy mr. C I’m Oliver I’m Katherine I snakey very nice to meet you do you want to kind of come and sit a little bit closer okay I was a little bit distant sighs okay so so how’d you want to greet each other it’s a shake of the hand yeah start with a real kiss on the cheek oh I see you’re quickly Hey yeah that’s not true just put yourself by doing off me well I was getting to that I was getting to that I was just so I was just having eruption okay by your presence well well start out you like to travel I like to trouble up trouble quite virtually okay won’t work either my work kind of takes me all over the world early I can tick you’ll early in America I both write and produce various projects in TV and film that is interesting so what tell me a little bit about yourself I’m just about to go and start studying directing all right good at it cool say I’ll be confident yes uh-huh brilliant uh-huh those a joke oh yeah hey Goku cool see you later oh my so will mr. C’s overconfident space invading treat Amin but keeping keen attitude be a winner well let’s find out I probably choose a or I probably liked him the most he just seemed a bit more like you know open wanted to get to know me but I be like was really close though because being was really like chatty I picked B definitely because like I had so much in common with him it’s a heavy burden yeah B and like M the others I just felt so uncomfortable with them Hey I felt so sorry wait I see no you just like not Mike Hunter little compliments and I think he was really mean to me I think it still give me like Oh T I did think that B was nicer I just didn’t like the fact that he was a bit too shy how ego chose differently yeah I put mr. B first then mr. a and I must seek the mr. B but I really liked this term actually yeah how natural he was I felt like I paid rent really quickly because we just had so much we could talk about it would have to be missed a first mr. B second and mr. C last guy number a he was alright to talk to him seemed like a bit of a laugh first of all be a mr. C second will be mr. a and the door B mr. B mr. C was top of my list and he was very intriguing very charming it just left me intrigued and wanting to know more so mr. a got won first place and two second places making him today’s winner overall mr. B got won first place and won second place and mr. C got won first place and no second places but each of our guys got a date let’s see what the boys reactions were to the results haha smuggling was even him to be honest I was a little bit surprised that there was any kind of interest at all because I thought I was a little bit scary at times but there you go but I don’t people are different they’re like different things don’t they say crazy yes bit of a shame actually offer with a dumbbell but so why everyone’s always fair I can’t play of that it is a victory for the normal guy that’s what this is having made their choices based on the date we reveal the truth about the guys know what hearing about mr. C I do feel manipulated and cheated and I just I feel really got aboard I mean I buy a seemed okay though still is using the technique in the in a right positive yeah I do definitely think a use of dating techniques really well because when I think back now he was Miletus confident now that I heard Betsy Big C was a bit too overconfident too much in your face yeah definitely but like for me it’s so much more it’s so much better natural and oh yeah and want them to be themselves ready yeah I don’t have anyone fake because then me what you’re gonna find dating techniques can help improve communication and allow people to try and show the best of themselves but they can also be used to manipulate being yourself is clearly the best thing to do and improving your communication skills can only help lying and using dating techniques to manipulate may for people into liking you for an instant but in the long term the truth will come out so the techniques taught in dating books and seminars may help to some extent with building confidence but they aren’t a system for dating the ultimate truth is to be yourself and to have confidence in who you are to find out more and test out our chat up line generator go to science of Attraction co uk