3 Signs You’re Dating a Toxic Person (And How to Deal With It!)

Now have you ever started dating someone,
it seems like every single time you’re around that person, it feels like you’re drinking
some sort of toxic waste. If you ever had that problem when you’re around
someone and wasn’t sure if it was you or them who’s the problem, then keep watching. This would be a good one. Hey there, Adam LoDolce from sexyconfidence.com,
where I help the 21st century woman create a love life that she absolutely freaking loves. I think one of the most important ways to
improve your love life is to avoid toxic people like the plague that they are. Quite frankly, I’ve had a lot of toxic people
come in and out of my life and it’s taken, I think, maturity and age to get to a point
where you can acknowledge that and realize that you know what, you are so much better
off without them in your life. Here are three signs that you can really be
aware of as you’re going out and meeting new people, and whether it’s a friend or whether
it’s someone you’re dating, you can be aware of this and avoid them as much as possible. Sign number three is that all of their ex’s
are crazy or they’re basically on bad terms with pretty much every relationship in their
life. Look, I’ve dated a lot of women in my life,
and I’d only label probably a very small percentage of them actually crazy and of those who I
felt were crazy, I only dated for a very short period of time because they were crazy, so
I got out. In my experience, people who are always dating
or getting in serious relationships with crazy people or seem to have a ton of very tumultuous
relationships in their life need to do one thing. Look in the mirror. In dating, there’s really only one common
denominator in all of your relationships and that is you. If you’re dating someone who claims that there’s
some dark magic that seems to follow them into every single relationship or he claims
that all women are crazy, then chances are he’s that toxic potion that exists in many
of those relationships. Sign number two is that they’re constantly
spreading rumors or talking badly about other people. Do they have a lot of enemies or even worse,
frenemies? Those people in their lives that they keep
around, even though they don’t like them. “Hello, Adam.” “Hello, Adam. Nice sweatshirt. What, are you going camping tonight?” I really think that one of the sure signs
of insecurities are people who can’t help but talk shit about other people or people
that have constant enemies yet they always want to spend time with those enemies. Although it feels good at the time to talk
shit, here’s the problem. If he’s talking shit about other people when
you’re around, then we all know who is talking shit about when you aren’t around. How can you trust someone who always spews
negativity about other people? You can’t. It’ll turn toxic before you know it. Sign number one is all of their problems are
someone else’s fault. Did they just get fired from their job and
it was all their boss’s fault? Did they just get evicted and it’s because
the landlord raised the rent? One of the true signs of a toxic person is
someone who just never takes responsibility for all the toxic shit in their lives, and
then they are always externalizing responsibility. The question is, what does the person do? Well, I believe that as you get older, you
just have less time for toxic people. As you become more emotionally mature, you
feel more okay with just eliminating people from your life that quite frankly, don’t make
it better. No regrets. No guilt. Even if he or she was your best friend or
was your lover, if they bring more negativity into your life than positivity, then it’s
a clear choice. Cut them the fuck out. Let me ask you. Have you ever spent just way too much time
with a toxic person? I’d love to hear from you right there in the
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